Everrati Ford GT40 – The Green Lane

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The American icon. Now all-electric. The Everrati Ford GT40 is an American icon. Motoring editor Jeremy Taylor and sustainable fashion expert Jessica Saunders drive the all-electric version. JS – Even I recognise this car. Something of a motoring racing legend – and wasn’t the GT40 star of that Matt Damon film, Ford vs Ferrari? JT […]

Everrati accelerates global production of electric icons following surging demand

Everrati accelerates global production of electric icons following surging demand

Everrati Automotive Limited (Everrati), the leading global technology company specialising in redefining and futureproofing automotive icons, is accelerating global production of its electrified model range thanks to surging international demand from sustainability-conscious customers. Demand for the company’s redefined, electric Porsche 911 (964) is ever-increasing, with bespoke commissions in build for customers in both US and […]

Classic Land Rovers Get Electrified And They Mean Business

Car Buzz - Electric Land Rover Series 2

Thanks to Everrati and Hobson Industries. Think of Land Rover and you think of gas-guzzling hardcore offroaders or ultra-luxury SUVs, but the term ‘environmentally-friendly’ rarely comes to mind. That’s fair when you consider that Land Rovers continue to make use of ICE engines and, in some cases, seriously powerful V8s, but there have been a […]

Everatti Just Electrified the Iconic Ford GT40 – And Not Everyone Is Happy About It

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This low-slung all-electric racer delivers 800 hp, hits 60 mph in under 4 seconds—and purists are horrified. Everatti electrifies icons like classic Porsche 911s and Land Rover Series trucks with the reverence some firms reserve for 100-point ground-up restorations. This time around they’ve swung hard at one of the most beloved internal combustion totems of […]

Selig & Stretton: Fund Your Passion Podcast Episode 16

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Darren Selig and John Marcar speak to Everrati’s Head Engineer Mike Kerr and Design Engineer Ryan Worthington on episode 16 of the Fund Your Passion Podcast about Everrati’s ground-breaking technology and the future for Everrati.

The Verge : Nest co-founder Matt Rogers invests in EV conversion company Everrati

Everrati - The Verge

We sit down with CEO Justin Lunny and Matt Rogers and find out why they aren’t into the term ‘restomod’ When we last spoke with Everrati CEO Justin Lunny, his UK-based restomod company that converts iconic cars to electric vehicles was expanding into the US market. Since then, the company set up headquarters in Calabasas, […]

Everrati has built an electric GT40

Goodwood Electric GT40

If it looks like a GT40, goes like a GT40 and sounds like a GT40, it must be…the latest classic car to go electric. It’s the Everrati GT40, an Anglo-American project to reinvent Ford’s iconic Le Mans winner as a battery-powered supercar for an emissions-free future. And before you ask, no real GT40s were harmed […]

Electric Ford GT40 replica brings 800bhp, 590lb ft

Autocar : Electric GT40

GT40 EV is first model from partnership between UK firm Everrati and US-based Superformance An electric-powered remake of Ford’s legendary GT40 Le Mans racer will pack 800bhp and be able to hit 60mph from rest in less than four seconds, according to its maker, EV conversion specialist Everrati. The British firm says the car’s twin-motor […]