Why Everrati

Everrati is in perfect alignment with the zeitgeist

The move to EV is now unquestionable and happening at a pace far greater than predicted.

The tipping point to EV from ICE is now unquestionable in many parts of the world, and 98% of EV drivers would never go back to fossil fuelled cars.

The focus of legislation and regulation is now on banning of the internal combustion engine.

Almost all iconic & classic cars will soon be unusable. Though still collectable, the enjoyment of iconic or classic car ownership and driving will be all but lost.

Car culture is very much alive and well. We are individuals. We crave cars that are icons of our past, but no longer emit toxins or CO2.

New EV’s don’t do this; and we all need something to enjoy at the weekend too.


Increased legislation regarding type approval & pedestrian impact has caused significant automotive design constraints. Modern automobile design language is highly homogenised, limited and uninspiring.

Classic cars have continued to increase in value. ‘Collection status’ is now percolating down to some relatively high-volume, run-of-the-mill production cars.

A defining term of all these collectable cars, from a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300sl Gullwing, through to a Turbo Body Porsche 911 or Land Rover ‘Series’ is ‘iconic’.

These cars have shaped the aspirations of car enthusiasts for generations. Each one holds a place within the history and popular culture of the twentieth century and at Everrati, this is how we define an iconic car.

Flawless Restoration

Everrati believe an iconic car is an asset worth preserving, in the same way an historic building or an important work of art.

Our work ensures that these automotive masterpieces are restored to ‘better than new’ and can be enjoyed in a low carbon world. Our work is also reversable to ensure value retention. We can even supply you the ‘matching numbers’ engine, which can be presented in a presentation case, and passed on with the car to future generations.

Environmental issues are leading to uncertainty around the purchase of classic cars. Everrati is the only viable solution; retaining the value of these icons whilst still enabling them to be driven and enjoyed.


to change the meaning of something or to make people think about something in a new or different way

Everrati is not a converter.

Unlike converters, we do not simply replace the engine with a motor and batteries.

Our painstaking redefinition process is performed by our expert team, many of whom have designed EV & hybrid powertrains for new electric supercars.

Each new model we release takes up to 4,000 hours to develop and then test to exacting standards. We also continually develop our systems and technologies, ensuring your car can be updated over its life.


An Everrati Signature car is the ultimate expression of the Everrati Brand.

Engineering and design sit at the fundamental heart of Everrati; an Everrati Signature car is the Ultimate Restomod.

Multi-Faceted Scalable Approach

Everrati has developed a 3-platform ‘Everrati Powertrain’ solution to replace internal combustion engines and gearboxes for front engine/rear-drive, rear/mid engine/rear-drive, and four-wheel drive applications.

This IP allows almost any iconic car to be electrified and provide thrilling performance, even better than the original, at a lower cost to run and maintain.

Everrati is developing a footprint into international markets including North America and UAE, and develops its footprint in new markets on a case-by-case basis.

Everrati also offers it engineering capability, delivered by Everrati Advanced Technologies, enabling combustion-based Brands to benefit from our market leading position and to decarbonise our world.

Everrati Life

Everrati Life is an exclusive ownership benefit offered to all Everrati owners. Everrati Life provides exclusive access to events, merchandise and behind-the-scenes access to the Everrati™ world.

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