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Got a question? Get an answer. Below highlights some of the more common questions the Everrati team get asked. If you still have questions, please visit the contact page and drop your questions there.

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Yes, much faster. All our converted icons have vastly improved power outputs, coupled with instantaneous torque our vehicles leave their ICE predecessors firmly in the past.
Everrati prides itself at being the best at what it does. To do this we focus on a carefully selected range of cars that naturally lend themselves to being converted. Due to this, Everrati primarily focus on its current range. Should you have a bespoke request please get in touch and we will endeavour to discuss a project solution that fits your needs.
Range varies depending on vehicle specification and driving style. Everrati’s models range from 150 to 200 miles+.
Everrati’s CCS charging combines AC and DC at 80KW to go from 20%-80 in under 40 minutes depending on battery size.
Everrati do not offer kits or components for personal conversions. Please refer to the Why Everrati section of the website.
A full charge (0-100%) on a 62kWh battery will cost around £21.30 on an assumed tariff of 0.34p/kWh.
Everrati are proud to have various green credentials. From using the most sustainable leather to producing cars with zero emissions. By repurposing vehicles, Everrati avoids the large CO2 associated with building a new chassis, often the most CO2 intensive manufacturing process of vehicle building.
No, the V5 will be updated to show that it is now electric.

Subject to individual country legislation Everrati are proud to be able to deliver vehicles globally. For more information please get in touch with our sales team at sales@everrati.com

Yes, if you need assistance when purchasing a donor vehicle our specialist acquisition team can help you in finding the best vehicle for your specification.
Wait times vary from vehicle to vehicle, but with surging global demand average wait time is 12 to 18 months.
We offer 12 months warranty with continued support thereafter.
HV components are OEM grade as used in high-volume vehicle production application.
Complying to UN vehicle battery safety standard – R100.01, Everrati adopts OEM engineering design and testing processes to ensure the vehicles are tested to the highest industry standards.
Due to the highly efficient nature of motors and batteries, maintenance on these vehicles is significantly compared with their ICE counterparts.
The Porsche still feels and drives like a Porsche. The Land Rover still retains its character and drives like a Land Rover. There are of course added benefits to acceleration and comfort amongst others, but we pride ourselves on ensuring that the vehicles retain and improve their driving credentials.
Everrati proudly differentiate themselves by providing market leading powertrains. Using brand new componentry and providing a concours level service, Everrati ensures that the icons they build are the best of the best. With thousands of hours that go into R&D for each vehicle, Everrati ensures that their vehicles not only perform perfectly, but are true to original spirit whilst excelling on safety. Everrati, unlike many other ‘converters’ do not simply ‘fit’ motors and batteries into vehicles for a quick conversion. This is why our vehicles take longer to create, and cost more, but have an outcome perfectly balanced between new technologies and legendary icons.
Yes, everything can be reversed ensuring the vehicle retains authenticity and value.
Yes, many clients choose to keep their engine and other components.
Everrati don’t interfere with the chassis and therefore the integrity of vehicle. We provide a concours level restoration and integrate our electric drive-train.
Original weight and distribution is maintained if not improved with a multitude of benefits with none of the original drawbacks. Ensuring that the car retains all of its soul and authentic characteristics without having the downsides of a traditional ICE vehicle.
The Everrati brand name derives from ‘EV’ for Electric Vehicle, ‘Ever’ explaining that we want to save these vehicles forever and ‘Rati’ who is the goddess of passion!
Our wordmark incorporates the letter elongated V, resembling the pulsating wave of a heart rate monitor, symbolising our revitalisation of classic vehicles. Internally known as the Flying-V, our logo aims to be instantly recognisable like those of other manufacturers. It embodies strength and motion while drawing inspiration from the letters “ev”.

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