Porsche Post : Bright Spark

Porsche Post

Can doing the unthinkable save your classic Porsche from a worse fate? Matt Master finds reasons to be cheerful in an electrified 911.

PistonHeads Review: Everrati Series IIa Land Rover

EV Land Rover PistonHeads

Less smoke, more woke, no joke A heart transplant is always going to be about the most serious medical procedure going, and that is only slightly less true for cars than it is for people. While our collective motoring future seems almost certain to be electric, the idea of converting existing classics to become EVs […]

Everrati Land Rover Series IIA review: another icon updated

Top Gear Everrati

Cough, this is actually an electric restomod Series IIA Land Rover from Everrati. The mucky noisy old engine has been carefully torn out and replaced with a nice 150bhp/221lb ft electric motor and a 60kWh battery for a real world (as if anyone who buys one of these actually lives there) range of 125 miles.

Everrati’s Land Rover Series IIA and Porsche 964, road-tested

Everrati's Land Rover Series IIA and Porsche 964, road-tested

British start-up Everrati are masters at turning beautiful classic cars into stunning EVs. GQ took a couple of them for a spin… At last, an electric vehicle manufacturer that doesn’t take itself too seriously. British start-up Everrati are future-proofing iconic vehicles of the past by swapping out their internal combustion organs for battery-electric innards. But […]

911 & Porsche World Magazine : Lights, Camera, Action!

911 & Porsche World Magazine

911 & Porsche World get behind the wheel of Everrati’s 500bhp Gulf signature edition 964 to find out if this British firm has succeeded in matching the thrill of the air-cooled driving experience with electrification… The conditions are perfect. It’s been raining for most of the month, but today, the asphalt is bone dry and […]

The Luxury Gent, in Conversation with Justin Lunny, CEO of Everrati

The Sybarite

I love vinyl records. I love listening to them, I love the ceremony, and I love the artistry and purpose. Owning vinyl too, choosing the album to buy carefully, and handling it with care. The soft hiss of anticipation before the first track starts… But sometimes, sometimes you want to listen to that half-remembered song […]