Product Development & Technology

Intro paragraph


‘Advanced Product Quality Planning’ design and development

Everrati ‘V model’ development process

OEM Tier 1 proven components 

Proven OEM battery management system ensuring functional safety

Multi-model component commonality – reduced engineering development time for future models

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation in progress for 2022

Regulatory & legislative relationships to influence standards and compliance


Increased power and torque above original vehicle powertrain within safety tolerances

Direct DC fast charging

Battery packaging providing an optimal  balance of vehicle weight, weight distribution and usable range

Original car respectfully updated using recognisable OEM performance features and Everrati attention to detail

Authentic driver engagement & powertrain control features, audibly & physically evoke an original driving experience


Original structure professionally & sympathetically  restored

Reversible to ICE powertrain retaining provenance & value

Maintains original vehicle registration

Existing vehicle ‘carbon cost’ has already been paid – the ultimate upcycle

Development Process

Everrati Life