Everrati Collaborates with Renowned artist Stephen Selzler on Exclusive Artwork

1 June 2023

With the days of fossil fuel mobility coming to an end making way for the era of electrification, the exclusive artwork highlights the harmonious merger of automotive history and future-forward, cutting-edge electric powertrain technology.

Everrati’s mission to preserve the heritage and legacy of automotive icons is embodied in the work with its redefined electric Porsche 911 being the focal point, symbolising a testament to the company’s commitment to clean, sustainable, and responsible mobility solutions. Its exclusive and iconic redefined cars epitomise sustainable luxury and are meticulously crafted to remain relevant in the ever-evolving automotive landscape of the 21st century.

Through its unparalleled technological advancements and craftsmanship, Everrati is itself creating rolling pieces of art, safeguarding automotive history for future generations to enjoy and admire.

Stephen Selzler, a renowned artist known for his focus on car culture, concours events, and motorsport, has been chosen to bring this vision to life. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, USA, Selzler draws inspiration from a range of artists and designers from the American mid-century, pop, and postmodern movements.

Stephen Selzler

His artwork showcases a captivating scene where our cherished automobiles have transcended their reliance on gasoline. In this visual narrative, a couple embarks on a holiday, recharging at a decommissioned gas station. The station exudes a charming 1950s American aesthetic, where a chrome-plated charging monolith, occupying the station’s footprint, serves as a striking centrepiece.

While the old gasoline roundel flakes and peels, the remaining structure gracefully weathers and rusts. The evocative scene reflects on a bygone era, paying homage to its nostalgic charm, while their electric vehicles replenish their energy. It becomes a living museum, preserving the essence of automotive history in a contemporary context.

Selzler’s artistic approach draws influence from Norman Rockwell, an esteemed American artist celebrated for capturing everyday Americana. The composition emulates Rockwell’s signature style, employing single point perspective and a cascade of foreground and background elements. This technique not only offers an aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic atmosphere but also serves as a powerful storytelling tool.


By featuring an Everrati product within this artistic framework, Selzler brings new life to an old way of doing things, propelled forward by visionary engineering. It is the fusion of automotive technology meeting art – and history meeting the future.

Justin Lunny, Co-founder and CEO of Everrati, commented: “The fusion of past and future symbolises Everrati’s dedication to propelling automotive technology into a sustainable and electrified era. It encapsulates the profound message that our beloved automobiles can transcend their traditional fuel dependencies, embracing a cleaner and more responsible future. This creation resonates deeply with Everrati’s ethos and commitment to redefining iconic vehicles, ensuring they remain relevant and cherished for generations to come.”

Stephen Selzler, commented: “Our cars tend to be one of our most prized possessions because of the freedom they represent, completely independent of the type of energy they use to propel them forward. In this dawning age of electrification, I feel eternally grateful for the freedom and advancements gas has afforded humanity, it has, after all, positioned us to embrace EV products in a moment of growing excitement and affordability. I can imagine paying homage as I drive by our decommissioned gas stations of yesteryear.”

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