Selig & Stretton: Fund Your Passion Podcast Episode 16

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Darren Selig and John Marcar speak to Everrati’s Head Engineer Mike Kerr and Design Engineer Ryan Worthington on episode 16 of the Fund Your Passion Podcast about Everrati’s ground-breaking technology and the future for Everrati. Everrati 911 review – Sacrilege or supercar saviour?

What’s going to happen to classic cars in the future? Well, some might say they could turn electric and one firm which is championing an electric classic car future is Everrati. It’s will source a 911 (in this case a 964-generation 911) for you, restore it to your tastes and requirements and also take out […]

Seen Through Glass

Seen Through Glass

The ELECTRIC 911! Is This The Future For Classic Cars? I get behind the wheel of the Everrati Signature 911… an ELECTRIC 911 restomod… can you still call this a Porsche? Is this blasphemy? I find out, it’s actually quite fun. Everrati take a donor 964 generation 911… Restored to the highest level by Porsche […]