The importance of sustainability to leading entrepreneurs

12th November 2020

Acting sustainably cannot be an elective for businesses, it’s essential. In the past few years we’ve seen how being responsible and green has evolved from a simple tick-box exercise for CSR departments to being a core consideration for every business when developing their strategies

How does sustainability translate in today’s business environment?
As society has grown to see the importance of living more sustainably, so too have organisations responded to growing demand to operate responsibly. Consider retail giant, ASDA, which recently opened a plastic packaging-free store, or IKEA’s announcement that their stores will now buy back used furnishings to resell or recycle.

Investor interest in sustainable businesses has surged dramatically too, as consumers seek out eco-friendly products and responsible services. In fact, recent research from PwC forecasts that assets in sustainable investment products in Europe will reach €7.6tn over the next five years, largely due to investors’ increased focus on sustainability in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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