The Everrati all-electric Porsche 911 (964) is fantastic and futureproof

8 July 2021
Everrati GQ Magazine

This Everrati EV restomod may cost a quarter of a million pounds, but owning a car this cool is priceless

The culture shift is happening. Cars with big, polluting, noisy engines are, slowly but surely, becoming pariahs. Manufacturers are being forced to ditch them and are gladly doing so. This leaves people who enjoy old cars with something of a problem. Do they carry on using their whacking great V8s on the regular and draw the ire of passers by or do they hide them away to be used solely on special occasions? It’s not a huge problem now, but eventually it’s the kind of thing drivers are going to need to think about. And that’s before fossil fuels, taxation, and… everything that already makes driving expensive starts to price people off the road.

While manufacturers are racing to make new EVs to appeal to the masses, what about the models that already exist? The beloved, lauded poster cars that usually come with “One day I’ll get a…” attached. One answer is to electrify them. It’s here we meet Everrati, a new boy to the EV space. It’ll sort you a 964 generation Porsche 911 (for now; more models are coming) with an electric heart in place of a flat six piston setup and restore it with some tasteful updates as well.

Everrati CEO Justin Lunny, former fintech entrepreneur, cites many reasons for taking classics and converting them. The biggest was his daughter waking up from a nightmare about global warming destroying the world. As motivations go, changing the world so your daughter can have a better future is a good one.

In the process of saving the world, why not have some fun? Some completely reversible fun at that – if you want the old motor put back in, it’s entirely possible. Whether you give Everrati your own car or have them source one for you (at extra cost), the engine, transmission and oily bits will be saved. That means you can still have a matching numbers car should you want to sell it on. Or you can have yourself a flat six coffee table for your garage.

Should smarter, better EV tech become available, Everrati says it should be able to upgrade your car as and when you want.

Everrati’s 911 looks like a 964 with mild modernisation. Its headlights, for example, aren’t standard. There’s even a set of exhaust pipes poking out of the rear. To the untrained eye, it’s a well put together old Porsche. When you start it, that all changes. There’s no noise and where there was once a manual gearbox is a simple forward/reverse gearstick. The dials, a traditional Porsche five-gauge setup, look familiar, but on closer inspection are all geared toward the car’s electric leanings. Porsche’s own CarPlay/Nav/DAB Classic Communications Management System slots neatly in the dash for entertainment duties and a screen showing which of the car’s suspension modes is active sits ahead of the gearstick.

While Everrati has given the interior a sumptuous going over, it hasn’t moved the pedalbox at all. This means that right-hand drive cars have pedals set pointing diagonally left. It’s weird, but authentic to the original and therefore a good thing.

To address the noise, or lack thereof, Everrati has developed a noise synthesiser to add some drama. It sounds like a futuristic internal combustion engine and is pretty cool all told. You can turn it off, which Lunny reckons plenty of owners will prefer.

With 500bhp and 369lb ft being fired to the rear wheels by a single motor, it’s not down on grunt. Everrati says the car’s 53kWh battery will give it about 150 miles of range on a charge and that as it sees the car as an “A to A” vehicle, that’s no huge deal. With a 100kW charger you should get a 20 to 100 per cent charge in about an hour.

With power greater than any in period 964 911, it’s… brisk. Of course, electric power means you get all its power and torque from standstill, so giving it some right foot flings you towards the horizon. It glides along, upping numbers in multiples and feels, well, fast. Nought to 62mph takes less than four seconds, says Everrati, and it’ll top out at 130mph. The important thing here is that it doesn’t feel too quick. You won’t find yourself clinging on for dear life, rather enjoying the ballistic pace that’s on offer. It’s about moderation and what suits the car.

Though Everrati reckons its 964 is a little lighter than a stock model, you do feel its weight rather keenly, especially mid bend. The powertrain is further inboard than an ICE car, too, bringing mass with it. Turn in and you still get a hint of the famous 911 “squat” when you get back on the power, but it’s less pronounced. With adjustable damping, you can have the car set up to breeze lightly around town or attack corners at the expense of comfort. Keeping it light suits the Everrati nicely, especially on greasy British B roads. You can feel its weight transfer more keenly and prime yourself to react to it.

Its steering is smooth, almost retaining the magic Porsche feel, but not quite. Its brakes offer regen so you can get a bit of energy back after telling a passenger “watch this” before burying the throttle and vanishing over a hill. When you want to use them as actual brakes, the pedal feels good, but there’s no ABS to save you if you overdo it.

You don’t miss the flat six howl. In fact, the lack of noise means you can have a chat with the person next to you or see how much wind noise the car can make with suitable gusto applied to the throttle.

There will be people shouting about how converting a car like a classic Porsche 911 to electricity is some sort of sacrilege, but this isn’t a product for them. Lunny explained that his customers are a mix of younger people who want something that looks like the car they idolised while growing up but want to be green, collectors and people who want something different.

You’ll need around £250,000 to get in to one, before options, taxes and so on, but for that you’re getting a wonderful drive, a futureproof, brilliantly engineered 911. And if you want the engine back you can have it. Bet you won’t though…

Source: GQ Magazine

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