The Art of Luxury : Elevate Your Ride, Free Your Conscience

17th April 2020
The Art of Luxury

With transportation responsible for over a quarter of global carbon emissions, and air pollution one of the biggest threats to the planet, there has never been a better time to rethink the way you drive. ionic cars make that choice easy with their reborn iconic electric vehicles. Thought-leaders and the sustainability-aware are conscious of their carbon footprint and the impact it has on the world, and driving electric has never been more popular. But driving sustainably needn’t mean missing out on the charismatic qualities of an iconic, classic car.

Dedicated to lowering the environmental impact of magnificent motorcars, ionic cars conscientiously upgrade iconic vehicles of the past, making them pertinent for today’s mindful society.

Performing a painstaking makeover to the worlds most desirable, iconic vehicles, ionic cars remove original high-emission combustion engines and replace them with zero-emission power; delivering a re-made icon to the sustainability-conscious consumer.

ionic cars revitalise each iconic car to offer unparalleled luxury, performance, and hightech electric power. The structure, weight, and weight distribution of the original car stay the same. ionic cars even offer the buyer the original ‘matching numbers’ engine in a Perspex display case; meaning the overall value of a ‘classic’ vehicle is not affected.

Honouring the true beauty and workmanship of covetable classics, each masterpiece is compassionately restored using sustainable materials and high-quality finishes. The result is a breath-taking and elegant preservation, without compromise.

“We breathe new life into glorious iconic cars; fully refurbishing bodywork, customising interiors, and revitalising the vehicle into a state-of-the-art electric car.” – Justin Lunny, ionic cars.

Offering a comprehensive solution to adopting an electric lifestyle, ionic cars ensure the iconic cars of yesteryear continue to thrill the eco-conscious drivers of today. Iconic Past. Ionic Future.

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