Everrati’s Electric Porsche 964 Is Something Even Gearheads In The U.S. Will Enjoy

22 December 2022
Everrati has taken the covers off its first US market electric Porsche 911 of the 964 generation, marking the brands entry into North America.

There is a growing trend at the moment of companies taking classic cars, and converting them into EVs. These are perhaps the ultimate when it comes to restomods. Various cars are naturally chosen, ranging from the Ford GT40, to more humble cars like Opels. Everrati is perhaps one of the leading lights when it comes to these incredible restomod machines. The Ford GT40 is actually one of their standouts. Now though, the company has revealed its first Porsche 911 (964) for the US market.

This is one of the most spectacular electric restomods we have laid eyes on so far. The work on the vehicle that the company has taken the wraps off is all done with their California-based partner, Aria Group. Demand for Everrati’s products is getting stronger and stronger in North America. There are already multiple iterations of this unbelievable 964 generation 911 already in the works. Many might bemoan seeing a Porsche 911 turned into an electric vehicle. But this is one EV restomod that we think even gearheads can enjoy. And it allows a classic shape of 911 to have a second life.

Of course, the main details behind this astonishing car are surely its power and performance figures. At the moment, the company is not yet saying however what the output of its EV system is. What we do know is that it features a 62-kilowatt hour battery pack. Plus, it also has a bespoke battery management system installed within it. We hope that the company doesn’t decide to keep the performance figures under wraps for too long. We do know however that the Everrati Porsche 964 has great acceleration.

The car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just four seconds. That is certainly up there with most mainstream electric vehicles. And of course with a lot of modern sports cars as well. Something that is on a lot of peoples minds with electric cars is their range. Thankfully for many, the Everrati Porsche 964 offers plenty of range. It offers up some 200 miles of range in normal driving condition, between charges. That is quite competitive in the EV world, and anything more than 200 miles will satisfy a lot of people. The charging is all done via standard AC and DC fast charging.

Of course, the other main focus of the car is its styling. Everrati have retained the sleek and elegant lines of the Porsche 911 and the 964 generation to create something truly special. The car presented in their photos features all manner of carbon fiber body elements, plus a widebody package. This example is a fully restored on, and it is in a stunning Mexico Blue exterior. Outwardly, it looks no different to a classic Porsche 964. You wouldn’t know it was an all-electric affair.

Back to the powertrain for a moment. While the car is all assembled in the US, the powertrain itself is in fact assembled in the UK. Specifically, it is actually done in-house at Everrati’s headquarters in Oxfordshire. Aria Group is then responsible for the actual build of the car. This 964 is not just the first one for America in this range, but the first US model from Everrati as a whole. Several examples are already in the works, with demand growing for perhaps the best electric restomods in the business. And Everrati is slowly but surely really starting to expand its portfolio of electric vehicles.

There is a lot more to get excited about when it comes to Everrati too. The company also does the 964 generation Porsche 911 as a Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet. The Range Rover Classic is the other latest addition to the range, as is their new Land Rover Defender. The company also works on the stunning Mercedes-Benz W113 SL Pagoda, while their showpiece car is surely the Ford GT40. But the 964 Porsche 911 is another fine addition to the Everrati lineup. Surely the company is one of the leaders when it comes to these electric restomods.

This latest creation from the British based company shows just how good the company has become. The finish on this Porsche 964 is absolutely extraordinary, and you would be incredibly hard-pressed to tell this is electric. Electric cars are something that do not appeal to the masses just yet. While some might bemoan taking a classic car and turning it electric, it has a lot of positives. Having a more desirable looking electric car may well bring more people into the electric car world. And given we are all going electric soon, that is quite important. Whatever happens there, Everrati have done a fabulous job with their Porsche 964.

Source: HotCars

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