Bright Spark – British brand Everrati has converted a classic Land Rover Series IIA to electric power

30th November 2021
British brand Everrati has converted a classic Land Rover Series IIA to electric power

First, Everrati took on the world’s greatest sports car, transplanting the Porsche 911’s air-cooled engine for an electric motor. Then it electrified a Le Mans legend, the Ford GT40, substituting cubic inches for kilowatt-hours. Now, it has given a true British icon, the original Land Rover, the EV treatment. Good sense or sacrilege?

Everrati founder Justin Lunny’s lightbulb moment arrived during the royal wedding of 2018. As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drove past his Windsor home in the electric Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero, the tech entrepreneur imagined a range of future-proofed classic cars. After a chance meeting with cofounder Nick Williams (at Le Mans, of course), their new brand was born.

Some EV conversion companies simply swap out engines for the batteries and electric motors from crashed Teslas.

Everrati does things differently, re- designing each car from the ground up, fitting a brand new OEM-spec drive- train, then upgrading components such as brakes, suspension and steering to suit. After road and track tests, each car is signed off by director of engineering, Mike Kerr, a man whose CV includes stints at McLaren, Lotus and Cosworth Racing.

This holistic approach perhaps ex- plains why Everrati’s Porsche 911 is the first – and to-date only – convincing electric sports car I have driven. No heavier than a regular 964 Carrera, its rear-biased weight distribution is also nigh-on identical. Result: a zero-emis- sions electric car that handles like a classic 911. All I missed was the yowl of a petrol flat-six.

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Source: City AM

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