First Drive: Everrati GT40

This UK-based EV conversion company took the Holy Grail of American ICE sports cars, and made it suitable for modern-day racers—so we tried the prototype.

Driving Everrati’s 800hp FORD GT40! MkII Legend Reborn


Everrati has rebirthed the legend that is the Ford GT40 with an 800hp and 800Nm battery electric setup in a Superformance base. This makes for a reimagining of a Le Mans-winning formula, as Sam finds out when he wrestles this racing icon around a slippery Rockingham…

Everrati Ford GT40 – The Green Lane

Country & Town House

The American icon. Now all-electric. The Everrati Ford GT40 is an American icon. Motoring editor Jeremy Taylor and sustainable fashion expert Jessica Saunders drive the all-electric version. JS – Even I recognise this car. Something of a motoring racing legend – and wasn’t the GT40 star of that Matt Damon film, Ford vs Ferrari? JT […]