911 & Porsche World Magazine : Lights, Camera, Action!

8th January 2022
911 & Porsche World Magazine

911 & Porsche World get behind the wheel of Everrati’s 500bhp Gulf signature edition 964 to find out if this British firm has succeeded in matching the thrill of the air-cooled driving experience with electrification…

The conditions are perfect. It’s been raining for most of the month, but today, the asphalt is bone dry and the 964 I’m driving has been equipped with fresh Michelin Pilot Sport 4S black circles. This super-sticky rubber is designed to provide maximum grip in exactly this kind of weather, but I’m going to challenge these tyres — I’m driving this torque-rich 500bhp beast harder than I’ve driven any car for a very long time. Strong into corners, a tonne of opposite lock, Michelins screaming in protest, the Porsche sliding sideways. Power on, out of the bend, foot to the floor and away we go. Exhilarating.

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